Nine Building Blocks

To Help Products
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Digital Product Strategy

Leveraging Nine Building Blocks in your business can be very complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Nor does it have to be costly, painful, or tiresome. However, because the business world is constantly changing, it is a journey - and we're here to help you. At TouchPoint Orange, we transform ideas into digital products (and services) that prosper – Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Websites, Social Media, and more.

Why do we do it?

We're creative tech geeks! We see a technological world filled with imagination and potential - and we are grateful for it. Nothing is more exhilarating than transforming ideas into digital products (and services) that prosper. Even when the journey is challenging, we make it rewarding - and fun! So let's bring some order to the chaos together.


The key to great digital products is "we," the people. We aim to make connections and build relationships with "all people" impacting a digital product ecosystem.


Do you know people with problems? TouchPoint Orange helps identify the opportunities within a problem and prioritize the ones most likely to impact your short and long-term.


With hard work and determination, answers reveal themselves – If you connect the right people with the correct problems. We can help you make the best connections to elevate your digital product success.

How can we help you?


09 Customers

How are you addressing the desires (needs/wants) of those giving you their time and money for your product/service? We all have positive and negative stories about a product/service. The experiences are real and personal. Helping your customer's experience to be a positive one is deeply rooted in every digital product strategy by TouchPoint Orange.


01 Operations

How are you focusing your human effort toward a single purpose to improve your product/service performance? Increasing efficiency within your organization and maximizing profitability is a challenge. Planning and managing processes to impact your profits is critical to our digital product strategy at TouchPoint Orange..


02 Sales

How are you influencing your product/service to sell itself? The best products sell themselves, and that is how we help make it easier for your sales team to succeed. A digital product strategy by TouchPoint Orange transforms understanding your customers' desires (needs/wants) and motivations into tools to help close more sales.


03 Design

How are you creating product/service value for commercial purposes? Digital products start with great questions that expose incredible opportunities, often cleverly disguised as problems. Helping people take abstract ideas, articulating them visually, and transforming them into a product or service is core to the digital product strategy at TouchPoint Orange.


04 Public Relations

How are you advocating for your product/service? Influencers, government, and the public (aka media - including social media) impact the conversation around your product/service. Like you, they have a reputation through growing relationships and trust with people. With a digital product strategy from TouchPoint Orange, you can nurture public appeal about the character of your product/service.


05 Marketing

How are you identifying market fit for your product/service? Target audiences and market share are foundational but the who is not all; the how, what, when, and where to reach the them is equal. Researching these criteria to promote your product/service as a salable value to those who desire them is what we do at TouchPoint Orange.


06 Advertising

How are you positioning all your communications to sell your product/service? As in person-to-person sales, knowing when to push a hard sell or a soft sell is an art form. With a digital product strategy from TouchPoint Orange, we maximize your pitch for every touchpoint to deliver measurable results and drive sales.


07 Technology

How are you leveraging tech to enhance the value of your product/service? Digital transformation is impacting the value of your product/service in countless ways, whether or not you realize it. With a TouchPoint Orange digital product strategy, we help you navigate tech to enhance the value of your product/service.


08 Branding

How are you portraying your product/service image? our appearance is essential; it is often the first impression people have and forms their first opinion of you. It is no different for your product/service. TouchPoint Orange helps you dress for success with a digital product strategy focused on what impresses your customers.

The 9 Facets of Product Design
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